YACYLEC S.A. started its commercial activity on September 1994, allowing thus
the entrance to the SADI of the first turbine of the Yacyretá Hydroelectric Power
Station, turning then into the first 500 kV Independent Transporter of Argentina.

In  his  role of   Independent  Transporter,  YACYLEC  S.A.  performs  Operation  & Maintenance tasks on the  500 kV  lines that, starting at the Yacyretá Hydroelec-
tric Power Station, connects to the nation's  interconnected system at the Resis-
tencia Substation, in the province of Chaco.

Likewise, YACYLEC S.A.  carries out  Operation & Maintenance tasks to  third par-
ties in the  Rincón de Santa María Substation,  directly or administratively,  to the
outgoing electric lines to Brasil of CTM S.A. and TESA.
YACYLEC S.A. Bartolomé Mitre 797 - Piso 11 - (1036) BUENOS AIRES - ARGENTINA
Tel: (54-11) 4322-4585/86 - Fax: (54-11)