Quality of Operation Policy

As a High Tension Independent Transporter, YACYLEC S.A. supports actively its
commitment with the Quality of Service derived from the COM Contract signed
with the UESTY and nowadays in hands of TRANSENER, or from other Contracts
which could be signed on in the future, pointing out in this case the development
of an own Procedure for the Qualifying of Operators.

In this direction,  and with the  understanding  that  the introduction of  improve-
ments in the Procedure for the Qualifying of Operators will produce a greater dis-
ponibility on its lines, and therefore the present and the future evolution of the
YACYLEC S.A. establishes its Policy on the basis of the following prin-

° To fulfill and to  control the  fulfillment of the  Procedure for the Qualifying of
Operators in all and each one of its contents.

° To promote the continuous training and updating of the Operation's staff, to
assure the best operation of the available systems.

° To make use of this Procedure as a way to assure an state-of-the-art Opera-
tion as well as possible.

° To verify the compatibility of its content with the Company's Environmental
Management Policy and Public Security Policy.

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