YACYLEC  is  incorporated  under  the  laws of  Ar-
gentina as a  Stock Company, as a result of an agree-
ment  between  local  and   international   firms  which
have taken into account not  only  Project's
feasibility  and profitability
 but also  the  institutional
importance resulting  from the  opening of  large sec-
tors of the nation's economy to private initiative.

Nourished  by  the energy  of its  member companies,
YACYLEC met with leadership and results the pressing
needs of the Argentine Electric System.

On September 1, 1994  YACYLEC  commenced   trans-
mission  of  non-polluting  energy  from  the  Yacyretá
Hydroelectric Power Station.

The responsibility to accept such a challenge was only
made possible by  this group of mayor firms of proven
experience in  the energy  field,  which
 contributed to
the Project  their  know-how,  reliability  and  financial


Clean, non-polluting energy capable of meeting Argentina's energy needs for the
progress and well-being of its people.

What yesterday was a blueprint today is a reality.

The job is done,  and we make it available  to the nation  with the pride  of  having
completed it ahead of schedule.

YACYLEC S.A. Bartolomé Mitre 797 - Piso 11 - (C1036AAM) BUENOS AIRES - ARGENTINA
Tel: (54-11) 4322-4585/86 - Fax: (54-11)