Environment Protection

At the blueprint stage of the Project careful design emphasized the need to con-
serve  the environment.  For this reason,  steps were  taken to minimize voltage
and interfering emissions, namely a low-level electric field above all of the rout-
ing and substations. Physical construction was made in accordance with the ter-
rain's  natural runoff.  Furthermore,  reclamation  work was done so that the dis-
turbed land was restored to Project pre-commencement levels.

Since the area has a high  isoceraunic level,  impedance  grounding  installations
were  provided  to  prevent  direct stroke  occurrences and ensure  that thunder-
storm damage to the area's pristine landscape is minimized.

Moreover,  during the construction stage of the Project,  in order to minimize the
environment  impact  of  the  corridor,  YACYLEC  have  performed  the  following

° Installation of  ecological  beacons on  the  guard wire,  for  protection  of the

Since the Cerrito Island area is an ecological reserve,  YACYLEC has installed
beacons  (vivid  red  color  spheres)  on the  guard wires  of  the transmission
line.  Thus,  we intend to protect the birds,  avoiding they collide  against this

° 'No hunting' and 'no tree pruning' signals on every tower:

In addition to  the above,  and  on behalf  of  the  ecological  reserve,  signals
were  installed  on  every  tower,   warning  tourist  or  other  people  passing
through the area about the prohibition of hunting and tree pruning.

The ecological aspects are also taken into account on the  Right-of-Way mainte-
nance.  The clearing of this  area consists basically in the removal of vegetation.
Previously,  the area and type of soil are analyzed,  considering the characteris-
tics of the  vegetation  and the  most advisable  way of remove It producing  the
lesser impact on the surrounding soil.  In particular, must be observed the dimi-
nution of the erosion damages and the degradation of the vegetal species on the
area.  The same  methodology is  applicable in  the maintenance  of the Right-of-
Way's access paths.

Similarly, labors such as park maintenance and forestation are done in the build-
ing area,  parking lot  and  perimetrical  fence of  the  substation,  as  well as  the
seeding of plants to embellish the building's zone.

On October, 2002, YACYLEC  got the certification of its  installations according to
the ISO 14001 Standards,  which corresponds to the  Environmental Action Plan.
The steps to get the certification were taken by the company BVQI.

YACYLEC is fully conscious about the importance of informing the personnel over the advantages  derived  from the strict  fulfillment of  the  standards included in
the Environmental Action Plan. Accordingly,  the company hires related courses,
giving each employee a manual with obligatory reading.

On substations maintenance,  the company makes  a complete control over sub-
stances of environmental impact, carrying out controls on oils in substations and storage lots,  as well  as treatment  and   prevention  of spills.  Also,  controls are
made on batteries, SF6, and fuels.

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